Transportation & Freight

We give the best advices

Greydern has a vibrant transportation and freight (maritime, rail & aviation) team. Our team is erudite in channelling out relevant and well-informed advice on marine, rail and aviation commerce, carriage of goods by sea, road, air or rail as well as on Cabotage and applicable restrictions. Others include advises on regulatory framework of airlines, passenger rights and carrier rights and liabilities, air accidents and ancillary compensation as well as Cape Town Convention and the Protocol relating to Aircraft Equipment.

The deftness of this team shall remain without blemish, having their oars perpetually steered by current legal/regulatory awareness as well as the perceptive and astute current business know-how. It is our goal that our clients shall be satisfied beyond expectations. Our activities in this sector includes, contractual dispute or in respect to the arrest and release of vessels on behalf of lenders, P&I clubs and vessel owners and chatterers.


We exist to serve by providing rounded and unique solutions for clients and charitable causes.