Greydern is a consulting legal service firm incorporated in the United Kingdom focused on Corporate Commercial and the Third Sector. Our modern approach provides a perfect blend of sage and innovative understanding of contemporary Corporate Commercial law.

We serve clients across the UK and internationally. We have proven experience of advising Companies, Corporate Commercial, Government Bodies, Private Individuals and Third Sector Organisations.

We care about our clients. We stand by you every step of the way. We are poised to lead in our two chosen areas of expertise – The Third Sector and Corporate Commercial. We design solutions with deep insights and clarity for our stakeholders within these sectors. The Third Sector and Corporate Commercial organisations are at the heart of our local communities and are driven by their values. The Third Sector and Social Enterprises offer innovative solutions to complex social problems.

Operating an effective charity, voluntary organisation, social enterprise or business requires commercial efficiency, professional management and strategic planning. This is where we come in. We help clients tackle commercial, ethical and legal challenges.

Characterised by diversity and innovation, the third sector ranges from small local organisations to large national operations that may be part of a group structure, with mergers and partnerships between charities becoming increasingly commonplace.

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