Foreign Investment & Divestment

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We provide relevant information and advice to client on compliance with the varied requirements for setting up a business in the United Kingdom and the European Union. Some of which include obtaining business permits, expatriate quota allocations, certificate of capital importation confirming capital inflow, Others could include pioneer status, and sometimes, depending on the peculiarities of the business venture such as circumstances where companies are set up to carry out specific government project, we facilitate the procurement of the relevant approvals for the exemption from incorporation, or eligibility for tax holidays in circumstances where such is applicable to maintaining a corporate compliance culture. We offer these services within the purview of the various regulatory bodies in these areas of practice in the United Kingdom.

For desiring foreign investors in the United Kingdom seeking to enter into partnership either for long term or for short term specific business goals, Greydern is the preferred practice in engaging in negotiations and preparation of Joint Venture Agreements as well as technical and other service/operations contracts.

In brief, Greydern is pivotal in establishing varied forms of businesses in the United Kingdom and its environs, whether partnerships, joint ventures, incorporated or unincorporated entities and in the attaining of compliance with the relevant regulations as well as obtaining the requisite regulatory approvals and consents.


We exist to serve by providing rounded and unique solutions for clients and charitable causes.

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