Energy & Environmental Sector

We are uniquely positioned

Having a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the legislation and business of energy, from oil and gas, bio-energy, renewable energy or other forms of natural resources as well as electricity, our network with key players in this field further affords us a competitive leverage over our contemporaries. In addition to providing relevant solutions to key players in the energy sector, we show dependable expertise in advising new investors in this sector on the right and most strategic conduit to effectively carry on their business as well as clear and gainful evaluation on possible project financing solutions. We carry out these aforementioned responsibilities fully abreast of the environmental and regulatory requirements.
Our expertise covers rendering advice on the United Kingdom Oil and Gas Sector, advising on joint venture arrangements and documentation such as operating agreements, farm-in and farm-out agreements and technical assistance agreements, advising on compliance with the regulatory regime and environmental regulations, procuring requisite and licenses, applications for conversions of OPLs to OMLs, and advice on labour issues.
We provide clients in the renewable sector with the relevant national renewable energy plan in accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive. Accordingly, the environment as it relates to companies and industries has developed importance and the need for expert advice to companies regarding regulatory framework has become not only necessary but also more commonly required. Hence we will keep abreast with the happenings in this sector of practice in all its ramifications.


We exist to serve by providing rounded and unique solutions for clients and charitable causes.